The water hole is located in an area of ancient basalt lava flows in the Bennet Hills area of central Idaho. Petroglyphs at this site are considered part of the Great Basin rock art tradition, with the oldest petroglyphs dating back to the Early Archaic period approximately 6,500 years ago. Images include circles, circle chains, wavy lines, sun and star figures, dots, grid patterns, crosshatching, atlatls, bows, shields, hands, feet, birds, snakes, lizards, mountain sheep and stylized anthropomorphic figures. Of course, as you may notice, these photos have been altered somewhat to make things clearer, to reflect my personal vision, and to represent my impression of the real world as I experience it.  Some photo files  and general inspiration were also pilfered from my loving wife and companion, Karen Shideler Keiski, who is a consummate artist in her own right.